Monday, January 12, 2009

Opportunity amidst the chaos

BALTIMORE – CWA media unions met last weekend to study industry restructuring and discuss opportunities to build our power during this time of great turmoil. The event brought together leaders from the Newspaper Guild, The National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians, and the Printing, Publishing and Media Workers Sector, all sectors of the Communications Workers of America.

Check out stories and podcast at California Media Workers Guild.

Luther Jackson, San Jose Newspaper Guild executive officer, above, reports out subcommittee findings on the biggest threats to MediaNews and Hearst survival and the challenges and opportunities they pose to the Guild.


Anonymous said...

That's great I hope those Ideas take hold and don't die on the fine like MediaNews Ideas.

So what is our plan ?

Is this Newspaper For Sale?

Anonymous said...

at one time, i was very fired up and excited to be a part of this union. But now i have lost the energy. i'm disappointed. i have seen all of these talented people shown the door and nothing being done about it. i am now convinced the union is unable to really do anything. not a strong union. that makes me sad.