Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Contract Approved

Well, it's official.

The bargaining unit approved the contract proposal with a unanimous vote that brought out an overwhelming majority of bargaining unit members.

We'll have more information later, but for now, thanks to everyone for participating, and their patience in getting to this point.

Guild member Pamela Hale-Burns turns in her ballot to rep Vicki Di Paolo for the contract ratification at the Arco Towers.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Getting a contract is rarely easy, but it's a major achievement in these challenging times.

Michael Cabanatuan,
Pres., Calif. Media Workers Guild
VP, Region 4, The Newspaper Guild

Anonymous said...

...and it only took two years!

Anonymous said...

The word on the street is Leaning to the right Dean Singleton will be in town this weekend and he is not happy.

He brought his calculator and his Jazzy (Look it up ) and has a fever and the only prescription is less editors.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank the Columnists for there undying love and support through this thing.
They showed up and volunteered their valuable time. Being the leaders they are they came forward and were involved from the beginning.

Oh wait sorry that was everyone else.

Anonymous said...

What makes up an "overwhelming majority" of barganing unit members now?

11 people? 12? 15?

Easy to achieve such percentages when the worker roster has been slashed so badly during these ultimately "successful" negotiations.