Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rally shows community support

Today's rally brought out community leaders, civic groups, and supporters from throughout the community to stand beside us. The community showed their support with a steady stream of honking horns and friendly waves from passersby.

Greg, Diandra, Steven, Phillip and Al came down to walk with Tonia Reyes Uranga and representatives from SEIU, the Gray Panthers, ILWU, IAM, Teamsters, and the California Federation of Labor.

Local president Micheal Hartigan led a delegation that included 9400 members, and CWA District 9 reps Mark Bixler and Janinne Munson.

Thanks to everyone's support, the rally was definitely a resounding success!

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Hansolo said...

Thanks so much everyone for chewing up some of your lunchtime to march today! This boosted the morale of our newsroom. Pats on the back are frankly rare in our industry, so to see the community come out like this means a lot. We thank you!