Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6/10 bargaining update

According to the bargaining team, little progress was made today.

There are rumors that Monday's session - which saw no real progress, and had MediaNews rep Jim Janiga asking questions that have already been answered several times in the past - were part of a ploy to stall the team and keep them from attending Tuesday's rally. If there was such a plan, it didn't hurt the bargaining team's morale any. They tell me they expected a long session, and even predicted exactly how the meeting would go. Although they couldn't attend, they tell us that they knew we were down there, and appreciate the enthusiasm and support. Members of our city council, and local community groups like the Gray Panthers, who came out to march with us, prove just how vital local journalism is to Long Beach. No one wants to see our newspaper outsource jobs.

The bargaining team wants to extend their thanks to everyone who showed up, the support they're getting means a lot. They've got a tough job, and knowing we're behind them makes it a little bit easier.

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