Thursday, October 2, 2008

Congressional support for local journalism

We're proud to announce that Congresswoman Linda T. Sanchez has joined the community of civic leaders, activists, workers, and newspaper readers that are standing up to support local journalism and the preservation of the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Here's a few excerpts from her letter to the company:

I am writing about an issue that, sadly, has led me to question whether I should place advertisements in the Press-Telegram at this time.

I have been following news reports of labor negotiations underway at the paper. I have also heard from several constituents...who are deeply concerned with the course that the negotiations are taking.

I write to ask that you review the MediaNews Group's position on negotiations with the employees at the Press-Telegram to see if fairer salary increases and local job protections can be provided.
We're extremely grateful to Congresswoman Sanchez for her support. The call to end MediaNews' campaign against journalism gets louder every day, as more and more people take a look at what's happening and say "no more."

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