Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congratulations Ms. Cavanaugh *

As reported earlier this week by LA Observed and Gary Scott, Los Angeles Daily News reporter Kerry Cavanaugh has been promoted to the editorial dept.

Kerry tells us via email that she's looking forward to her new role as editorial writer.

"After nearly ten years of reporting, I'm excited to try something new and this will be a good challenge - working on editorials will stretch my mind and my writing skills."

Although the move means that the former CWA 9400 steward will have to give up her union activities, Kerry says she's still a supporter and believer, and knows that others will pick up where she left off.

"Unfortunately I'll have to leave the union, but there's a good crew of Guild folks in the newsroom who will carry on organizing and bargaining preparations."

We know Kerry is going to do great things for the DN's editorial pages, just as she did helping us and her co-workers in her time as a steward. We'd like to wish Kerry continued success in her new career as an editorial writer.

* Also being promoted is Jason Kandel, a strong supporter of Kerry's leadership and an activist she could count on to help her with union matters. (They really are a team – they're married!) We wish him all the best in his new position as online news editor. 

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Anonymous said...

Even before Kerry stepped up to the position of steward at the Daily News she was always a staunch supporter of the union. She is well repected by management, always bringing her professionalism and intellect to the table when addressing senior management on behalf of the membership at the DN. In our last DN contract negotiations she brought valuable insight of the issues faced by staffers in the newsroom.

I feel fortunate to know Kerry and to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Congratulations, Kerry, on your move to the editorial pages. There's no doubt the Daily News is lucky to have you.

My best always,

Vicki Di Paolo