Thursday, October 23, 2008

AP backs off rate increase

The Associated Press has issued a moratorium on its planned rate increase, according to this article at In addition, plans to create a "premium content" model that would charge subscribers additional fees has also been scrapped.


Anonymous said...

AP promised another $9 million in savings on top of $21 million previously announced.
Glad to see that the influence of many can make Dean Singleton has the ability in him to reconsider his bad business decision's.
The only thing is AP is now doomed for more cuts in order to make those savings.
Again less content and conveniently saving money for his papers, that will go his paying for his debt.
Deano will never invest better the product or the people and time something he is running out of.

Anonymous said...

How did they get deany weenie to back down? With papers canceling their AP memberships.

You want to stop a parasite, you have to hit its food supply. For these clowns that means the revenue.

Let this be a lesson to you...