Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Past and present P-T staff together again *

Last Saturday, former and current Press-Telegram staffers got together for a friendly basketball tournament. Everyone says it was a great time, and a good chance to re-connect with the people who might not share the same office any more, but remain close friends.

Here's a slideshow from the event. Enjoy...

* UPDATE: Reporter Karen Robes shared her thoughts on the game:

They were hard fought battles. Some fell. Some used their stomachs
as part of their defensive strategy. Some pulled out pick-and-roll
plays to win.

But in the end, there could only be one and this year it was the
Long Beach Lakers, who came from behind May 10 at Wardlow Park to
win the first ever P-T basketball tournament and tickets to Catalina

In terms of camaraderie, the tourney was a success. People who
rarely speak to each other now stop to chat about the games and the
scrapes and bruises earned from great (and not-so-great) plays. One
staff writer said it was something that was badly needed after a
series of tough company changes.

Tremendous thanks to co-commissioners Diandra Jay and Robert Meeks,
who turned their conversation at the Long Beach Courthouse into a
five-on-five half-court tournament that drew more than 30 current
and former P-Ters.

P.S. Diandra for MVP!

Photos by Stephen Carr and Vicki Di Paolo; slideshow by Stephen Carr

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