Thursday, May 15, 2008

BANG vote scheduled

One Big BANG reports that a date has been set for the Bay Area News Group union campaign, following their successful card-signing drive.

MediaNews management opted to hold the BANG vote on Friday, June 13 - the final date allowed by the National Labor Relations Board.

If successful - and there's little evidence to suggest the workers have any intention of changing their minds - the BANG union will mark a significant change in the journalism industry. As content sharing and "clustering" become more common, the traditional "one newsroom" bargaining units have found themselves marginalized and less capable of advocating and protecting the rights of journalists. This is the first step in reshaping the media labor paradigm to reflect the changing face of journalism, and restoring the balance of power between labor and management.

We wish them the best of luck (though none seems to be needed) and like many others, will keep a close eye on the East Bay this June.


Anonymous said...

I hope we can do this down here, One giant unit would be great. Are there any Plans?

Anonymous said...

Dunno. But we need to find out because if they can do it in the Bay area, we can and should do it here. Who do we call?