Monday, May 5, 2008

LANG server back online

We have word from P-T folks that UNISYS was back up yesterday, a day earlier than expected.

Late Friday a P-T staffer reported –

Yeah, one way we're dealing with the unisys crash is that they've moved nearly all the former Sports desk staff back to the PT where they are building sports pages in Quark Express which was our pre unisys method.
A designer at the Daily Breeze said via email –
The Breeze has a limited number of terminals in which we can use Unisys. Only designers are on Unisys. We are proofing out pages and making edits to the proofs. The designers then read the proofreading marks and enter them on screen. Worse, a proof is taking 20 minutes to print.

We will continue to work on the Unisys "disaster recovery" system through the weekend.
Props to all the LANG staffers that made the best of a difficult situation as a result of the server failure. Some say the malfunction could have been avoided if LANG execs invested in tech upgrades regularly, but most understand that crashes can happen anytime.

We hope that recognition for a "job well done" will be given to all the staffers who jumped in and worked long hours under stressful conditions to get LANG pages out on deadline.


Anonymous said...

Great Job to all who stepped-up and handled a difficult situation like the pro's that you all are. I hope management gives you all the proper recognition for you professionalism. I hope the PT/Breeze publisher will actually come out of his office (s) and acknowledge your hard work.

Steve said...

Is Unisys the equivalent of NGPS? Anyone who's worked with NGPS should know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

No. Unysis was meant for the print side. However, the Unysis system pushes content into NGPS...

Peasant said...

I want a raise already! MediaNews, stop being such cheapskates and give your talent something to live on!!!!