Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Journalism Day @ CSULB

Layoffs, declining revenues, and competition from the internet - it's clear that journalism has seen better days. What's in store for the future? What can student-journalists expect as they graduate and move into the industry? This Thursday, April 24, you can go to Cal State Long Beach and find out for yourself.

Journalism Day 2008 at CSULB will examine the state of the industry, and give experts a chance to share their experiences with students and younger journalists.

Lectures and panel discussions with working newshounds and other experts will examine the effect of blogging, the future of newspapers, and how tomorrow's journalists can navigate the nebulous waters ahead.

Featured speakers include Scott Martelle (L.A. Times), Gene Maddaus (Torrance Daily Breeze), Herb Sierra (En Contexto), Rich Archbold (L.B. Press-Telegram), Will Swaim (District Weekly), Carl Hall (Northern CA Media Guild), Bill Pearl (, and other notables from California journalism.

Events like this are going to be crucial for the next generation of journalists - but for newspapers at least, it remains to be seen if the powers-that-be actually have a plan at all. But if CSULB's program can spark an honest discussion of where we stand today, and how the industry can to move forward in a positive direction, then it's already a success.

Although it's geared for journalism students, the topics under discussion - the future of the media industry in America - make this an event important enough for everyone. The program kicks off at 9 a.m., stop by if you have the time.

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