Thursday, April 10, 2008

4/10 Press-Telegram bargaining update

I've just received the results of the latest contract negotiation. Most of this is taken from that message, but I'm going to try and sum up the bullet points rather than paste the entire thing here.

- MediaNews human resources vice president Jim Janiga delivered a new wage plan today that included withdrawal of the employer's wage-freeze proposal.

- The Guild has rejected the company's original zero wage offer for the first of a proposed 3-year contract, with 2 percent increases in the second and third years.

- Outsourcing (the key proposal that means job security at a time when jobs are being butchered) remained unsettled, as Local 9400 sought additional time to research counter-proposal language.

- Janiga also said the company is interested in knowing the Guild's position on the extent of work that can be shared between newspapers (both LANG and non-LANG publications), and the issue of no restrictions on wire service.

We're making progress slowly, but progress it is. Still, we need to turn up the pressure...

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