Monday, January 7, 2008

Journalism's seismic shift

In a December 2006 speech at San Jose State University, Susan Goldberg, former executive editor of the San Jose Mercury News said, "Our industry is on a cultural fault line, and we are in the middle of an enormous earthquake."

Two years later, MediaNews is causing a seismic shift in Northern California and the Bay Area is the epicenter, according to media observers cited in a story in the Pacific Sun.

John Bowman, former executive editor of the San Mateo County Times, has this to say about MediaNews's entry into the Bay Area: "They're way past the point of diminishing returns, of penny-wise and pound-foolish. ... Thin staffs provide less volume of news, less investigative and less enterprise stories. ... Copy desks are so thinly staffed that they are making an incredible number of errors. These errors are in the headlines and [photo captions] so they are glaring. They are the kind of errors that destroy our credibility."

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