Monday, December 31, 2007

You can't outsource local quality

Over 100 U.S. newspapers currently take advantage of the lower costs associated with compensating workers in overseas countries and the number is predicted to accelerate in '08 as more publishers seek to reduce by as much as 40% their ad production budgets.

Next up? Spec ad design, specialty publication design and pagination. Oh, and foreign workers will also handle editorial layout, headline writing and yes, even copy-editing.

MediaNews wants us to agree to a proposal that will allow it to outsource our work too, presumably so it can continue to lower its costs. But putting the responsibility for accuracy and truth in the hands of those who are so completely removed from the source of the news or event, increases the likelihood that quality will be sacrificed for efficiency.

We understand the need for efficiency in these tough times for our industry. But we stand for efficiency and quality, which is why the work should remain ours.

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