Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CCT reporter: 'Let's stand together.'

Our counterparts in Northern California have teamed up with non-union Bay Area newspaper workers to raise a common voice and gain bargaining power. Contra Costa Times reporter Sara Steffens wrote an email message to her coworkers in support of the Guild – a message described by local rep (and San Francisco Chronicle reporter) Carl Hall as "possibly the most eloquent and bravest message from a rank and file union leader I have ever seen." We agree!

This much is clear: Times have changed. Our business has changed, and we will have to adapt to survive. We have a new kind of owner, and we need a new way of responding. This is a significant struggle at an important time in our industry, and we have a chance to have a say in our future.
We can sit around and mourn the demise of our industry. Or we can stand up and fight for our little corner of the world, for ourselves and our co-workers and the communities that depend on what we do.

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