Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Memphis Guild facing impasse

From Romenesko: The Memphis Newspaper Guild has been informed by management at The Commercial Appeal that the company believes the two sides to be "at impasse," and the company's latest proposal will be implemented if the Guild does not respond by April 27.

The Guild is trying to avoid that outcome, since it would mean unlimited outsourcing (and layoffs), a frozen pension, and would eliminate the "evergreen clause" from their contract.

An evergreen clause generally protects established contractual obligations from "expiring" - meaning that unless the terms of the contract are renegotiated, they cannot be simply stripped away when the contract expires.

As part of their fight, the Memphis Guild is launching a campaign to inform the pubic about the dispute, and what it means to the local community.

The Guild plans to use their Facebook page and other tools.

Link: Save Memphis News and Memphis Jobs

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