Friday, November 7, 2008

To newspaper readers everywhere

People snatched up extra copies of local and national newspapers Wednesday, eager for very bit of news and information about Tuesday's historic election. Post-election newspapers sales sky-rocketed and additional press runs were ordered. For those of you who stood in line waiting for your extra copies, a memo from your newspaper ...

To: You
From: Your newspaper

Dear You:

Every day, I was there for You, rain or shine, good times and bad. I was always available. Like a puppy, all I ever wanted was to please You.

Was it lively conversation You wanted? Cackling opinions? The latest news and gossip? I gave You all that. I even tried to keep up on all the sports and business stuff because I knew you cared about that, too.

Oh, we had so many beautiful years together. Sometimes I made you mad. Often, I moved you. But we always made up.

And then a few years ago you rewarded my loyalty by straying. You went elsewhere. You sought the company of others who, you thought, gave you something that I could not. Fickle and faithless, you went looking for something faster, newer and younger.

Oh, You.

I wondered, incessantly, had I failed you? Was it me?

And then one day this week, You wanted me again....
Read the full memo on Romenesko's Letters.

E&P's Joe Strupp wrote "So I guess print newspapers are not dead after all. Well, for one day at least."

Carefully preserved and stashed away, we can pull out our November 5, 2008 copy of our local newspaper to re-read, ponder, marvel over, talk about and share proudly with others months, maybe years from now. What online or broadcast story can do that?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, that letter will draw in the readers.