Thursday, August 28, 2008

Solidarity in action

KPFK/Pacifica Radio's Leilani Albano, at left, interviewed P-T city hall reporter Paul Eakins (center) and community activist and Long Beach resident Ken Scherer (right) at today's Solidarity Rally in support of P-T workers. Carrying a rally sign behind Paul is Bianca Roman, field deputy for Long Beach Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal.

We had a pretty good turnout to today's rally. In addition to the regular "civilians" who showed up, we were met by members of the labor community, as well as staff representing city leadership. The sun was shining, the cars were honking, and the city was definitely listening.

The community really seems to be getting the message and lending their support, judging by the number of horns and cheers from passersby we heard today.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and standing with us. Your support was a positive sign of what we can accomplish together.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Paul!

Thanks for stepping up to the plate.