Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outsourcing, big media, and advertorials

A quick round up:


MediaNews is outsourcing some of its advertorial production to India. The Daily News Group, which publishes several free weeklies in BANG territory, is sending editing and design of an advertorial section that's distributed in their weeklies (and in some daily editions of the San Jose Mercury News) to Express KCS, out of Gurgeon, India.

Perhaps anticipating the public reaction to such a move, the MediaNews financial officer (and the fact that newspapers are now relying on financial managers to explain newspaper content speaks volumes all by itself) told Newspapers & Technology that the move means, well...nothing at all.

“It’s a toe in the water, and it’s not a shot across the bow....It behooves us to find ways to optimize our operations, but we have no plans to outsource any of our news."
More Advertorials

Speaking of advertorial content, even though newsrooom jobs are being reduced, those advertorial pages are the only LANG content that seems to be expanding.

Big Media

We've all seen how consolidation has benefited local media. StopBigMedia.com has an online petition to veto the FCC's recent decision to relax the rules on media ownership even further.

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