Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week end news wrap up *

* Honolulu Strike Vote Sunday — About 600 Honolulu Advertiser workers are preparing for a strike vote this Sunday as a labor dispute with the Gannett Corporation, the newspaper’s owner, drags into a critical phase. Update: Strike authorization approved. "They were outraged at what the company had on the table and they vowed to fight to get a fair contract," said Wayne Cahill, administrative officer for the Hawaii Newspaper Guild.

Singleton Lines Up Talent for Newspaper Conference Bash— The MediaNews Group CEO and occasional rock promoter has landed another '60s legend, Johnny Rivers, for one of the premier bashes at April's mammoth Capital Conference. "With all the industry is going through, you need to have some fun once in a while," he said. "It will make people feel good for a little while."

Tribune to Cut 400-500 Jobs — At the Los Angeles Times, 100 to 150 jobs would be eliminated -- 40 to 50 of them in the newsroom -- through a combination of attrition, voluntary buyouts and, if necessary, layoffs.

Guild at Baltimore Sun Discusses Buyouts with Management — The Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild wants Tribune to give Sun employees more than two weeks to consider the latest buyout offer.

NYT to Cut 100 Newsroom Jobs — The cuts will be achieved by “by not filling jobs that go vacant, by offering buyouts, and if necessary by layoffs,” said the executive editor, Bill Keller.

New York Times Shafts Digital Staffers — The Times's future may be digital (NYT), but staffers who work for the web site will still be treated as second-class citizens, says the Newspaper Guild of New York.

Guild Members Bring Jolt of Energy to BANG Organizing Drive — Working members from Guild units in Denver, St. Paul, Monterey, San Jose and San Francisco brought a critical infusion of fresh energy and insight to an organizing drive at the MediaNews Group’s Bay Area newspaper cluster.

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