Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wanna hazard a guess on this?

While surfing around looking for more information on the LANG-OCR content-sharing deal, we found this posted yesterday at Reporter-G :

To shore up falling ad revenues, the Orange County Register has developed a three-pronged strategy that basically mimics the one already in use by MediaNews newspapers in California: smaller staff, more community focus, more focus on Web reports, younger staff, etc.

How's that working for MediaNews? The Daily News of Los Angeles, the "flagship" of the Southern California papers is about to be butchered, every reporter and editor working for the MediaNews papers in the Bay Area has been, er, encouraged to take a buy out or face the knife, the San Jose Mercury News has suffered copious cuts, and the remaining California papers are bracing themselves for Bad News, since they aren't turning sufficient profits either.

I'd guess the Register is positioning itself for a possible sale to MediaNews. Otherwise the moves make no sense.

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