Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New publisher announced

The latest joint publisher for the Torrance Daily Breeze and Long Beach Press-Telegram was introduced today. Linda Lindus, 61, steps into the recently-vacated shoes of Mark Ficarra, who left for a position at the San Diego Union-Tribune. The post had been held by Breeze EiC Phillip Sanfield, who left the company last month.

Lindus is currently the publisher of the Longview Daily News in Washington. She steps down from that position Aug. 14. She assumes her position in LANG Aug. 10.

The Longview Daily News is a 21,000 circulation daily paper, according to the most recent numbers from the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Here's the notice sent to P-T staffers:

Linda Lindus has been named publisher of the Press-Telegram and the Daily Breeze. The appointment is effective Aug. 10. Her most recent position was as publisher of the Daily News in Longview, Wash., but her career stretches back to a number of stops, including at the Daily Illinoisan in Carbondale, Ill. and as publisher of The Spectrum in St. George, Utah, plus positions at Lee Enterprises. She is being introduced in Torrance right now and will visit here later this afternoon.

More at the Daily Breeze and from Gary Scott


Anonymous said...

Check out what happened in Bloomington when she was a V.P. for Lee.

Len Cutler said...

Can you give us another hint? I'm looking, but the clue is a little vague. 2005-2007 is a lot of territory to cover if you don't know what you're looking for.

I did find the Lee Watch blog though. Worth reading for those who have the time...

Lee Watch

Anonymous said...

I'm not the same person who wrote the first post, but you guys have some dark, stressful days ahead. At least you have a union for protection. Otherwise, if you're over 50 and make a living wage, you're a target. To everyone else, keep your head down and your mouth shut and stay off her radar. She takes personal pleasure in layoffs and has a scorched earth policy. She is capricious and cruel. Take note of her career arc with Lee Enterprises for clues... and the fact that she would change companies a mere four years before retirement.

Len Cutler said...

...that sounds pretty ominous.

Unfortunately, not everyone in LANG has the same level of protection. It's really a bad situation, but many LANG employees aren't covered by a contract. Our members have layoff protection, enhanced severance pay, training programs, and more - but for every employee that's covered, there are two or three that aren't.

You sound like you're speaking from experience. If you or anyone out there has details, and would be willing to provide us with an email address, I think we have a lot of questions you might be able to help answer. You can reach us at

Anonymous said...

You need to take these warnings seriously and do your homework. Reach out to the union in Bloomington. This woman has no regard for people and their livelihoods. She is very, very cruel, and I suspect that is why the company hired her.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

wow, 21,000 circulation experience to this? Hmm, the PT and DB must be throwing in the towel by not taking a step forward but one back.
Start applying for unemployment people!

Anonymous said...

It's a miracle anyone would hire Lindus after her brief, horrendous tenure in Longview.

She fired the paper's most popular columnist/feature editor, an award-winning 24-year veteran, who had built a huge loyal following in the community.

Lindus refused to give readers any hint of what happened. On May 18, the column just disappeared without explanation. Absolutely Orwellian.

When word got out about the firing, Lindus refused to print protesting letters. In frustration, readers canceled their subscriptions in droves. To fill the columnist's place on the editorial board, Lindus brought in someone from the circulation department who was clueless about issues.

Lindus' management style is brash, vindictive and demeaning.

As complaints from staff and the community hit Lee Corporate higher-ups, Lee sent in an HR executive. From all appearances, Lee gave Lindus an ultimatum to find another job in another company and agreed to stay quiet about her failings.

Obviously no one in Long Beach checked references with folks in the Longview Daily News newsroom where Lindus is roundly despised.

Before Lindus takes over and has the power to fire at will, the staff should protest LOUDLY.

Joe said...

Actually I'm sure LANG checked her references and found exactly what they want. A publisher that doesn't think twice about layoffs, and has no personal interest in the quality of journalism.

Anonymous said...

" if you're over 50 and make a living wage, you're a target."

I think 95% of us don't make a living wage so were ok for now.