Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sanfield out of Torrance

We're told that according to LANG management, Breeze EiC and interim publisher Philip Sanfield has left the company.

That's all we have for the moment. We'll follow up as more info becomes available.

...According to Gary Scott (posting from the phone, so no link), Sanfield told staffers in a memo that he's leaving to join the Port of Los Angeles as Director of Media Relations.


Former PTer said...

Well, from what I was told everything would be OK as long as Sanfield was still running the ship. Guess the captain abandoned ship.
Even he sees the writing on the wall.
Is his wife still there or she got hooked up with a gig at the ports too?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if there are any openings at the Long Beach Public Library Foundation?

Anonymous said...

Media Relations seems to be the only gig for old news employees these days.