Monday, April 6, 2009

Jody Collins transfers to San Gabe

A member forwarded us the following memo from Press-Telegram executive city editor John Futch:

Jody Collins, who has been a steady beacon on the Press-Telegram city desk, will be joining the consolidated production operation in San Gabriel in a few weeks. Jody has pulled us through so many tough evenings with her great skills and unflappable good humor and we'll miss that. On the other hand, she'll only be a phone call away and will bring her vast knowledge of the Long Beach area to the folks up there.

Good news for Jody is it's a hop, skip and a jump away from home, so the driving time will be shorter, and hopefully the time around Hunter will be a lot longer.

But that doesn't make it easier for us, who enjoy her presence at 300 Oceangate.

Obviously we'll have to rework the city desk editor operation, and this is a work in progress.

The move will happen sometime after the Grand Prix, date TBA. And we'll keep you updated on a proper sendoff.


In a newsroom full of hard-working journalists, Jody stood out for bearing the increasing demands of an ever-shrinking staff with dignity and grace. She was always willing to meet the needs of the newsroom without hesitation. That's the quintessential definition of a professional journalist, and a Jody always did her best to set the standard. We know she'll be an asset to the the Tribune, and we wish her the best of luck.

Jody sent us this message regarding her transfer:

I've really enjoyed the time I've spent working with the amazing, dedicated and talented staff at the Press-Telegram - first at 604 Pine and now at 300 Oceangate.

I've learned so much about the craft of good journalism from you over the past seven years and will miss working together in the same office each day. This place is a family and it will be hard to walk out those doors for good.

I will, however, be able to keep an eye on your work, albeit from a different desk. I will do my best to be an advocate for the Press-Telegram in my next adventure.

Thanks for all that you do to make the P-T interesting and relevant to our readers every day. I'll miss you. I'll be at JCOLLINS on Unisys if you need to find me.



Anonymous said...

Time for the company to grow a pair and fire Rose! I wish everybody in the newsroom would stop ignoring the elephant in the room. We all know about her law suit and that is probably the only thing that has saved her job.

Anonymous said...

The PT has was neutered a long time ago. And there are more than one Elephants in the room. Sounds like Smarchibald.

Anonymous said...

Found this Comment on KCET Blog 25. Imagine all the papers
By D.J. Waldie

Dave Wielenga | February 16, 2009 11:27 PM | Reply
As somebody who showed up for work at what was then the Independent, Press-Telegram (or I,P-T) in the early 1970s, I can testify that the one constant throughout the paper's steady demise has been Rich Archbold, who has progressed from Managing Editor to Editor to Executive Editor on the strength of his lack of imagination -- and the way that appealed to the corporate status quo that wanted nothing more from the paper than to wring the last drop of profit out of it. I always thought Archbold's career should have been over long ago, but the way it's turning out is much more poetic--he'll go down with the ship that he has sunk.