Thursday, February 5, 2009

Labor Board hearing date set

We have received notice that, absent a settlement agreement between the Guild and the Long Beach Press-Telegram, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will begin hearings April 13 on our charges against the P-T stemming from it's March 2008 implementation of a reduction in force and unilateral transfer or sub-contracting out of our work to the non-union Daily Breeze that affected eighteen members of our bargaining unit without giving the union advance notice and without giving it the opportunity to negotiate the effects of the company's actions.

The Board's General Counsel will ask an NLRB administrative law judge to issue an order that requires the company to "pay interest on any backpay or other monetary awards ... " and "all other relief as may be just and proper to remedy the unfair labor practices alleged."


Anonymous said...

Please speak english.

What do or will the people get from it ?

Anonymous said...

The union gets to say it was doing something while the more recent layoffs happened right under their noses.

The laidoff workers get bupkus.

Anonymous said...

isn't this happening right now the making the breeze and the daily news transfer to san gabe?

Anonymous said...

the entire breeze and dn copy/news desk is being transfering to san gabe.

Anonymous said...

"Please speak english.

What do or will the people get from it ?"

The point of the labor board hearing is to determine what people will get.

Anonymous said...

well they better get ready for round 2...b/c this scenario is happening again with lang papers.