Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another one gone

Press-Telegram reporter Samantha Gonzaga has given her two weeks notice today, according to P-T staffers.

We cannot verify it, but an email we received from the P-T newsroom states that Gonzaga is headed to grad school, and will study urban planning at Cal Poly Pomona.

Although this is bad news for the Press-Telegram, few are surprised at the loss of yet another employee from a newsroom that has faced an ever-more-hostile employer and deteriorating working environment.

It's been suggested that, like the positions vacated by Wendy Thomas Russell and Joe Stevens, Gonzaga's slot will be frozen and no replacement hired. In a recent discussion however, management insisted that this is not the case, and any Press-Telegram personnel (including management) who have stated otherwise are mistaken. We await further information on this situation. If you hear anything, please pass it along.

As for Gonzaga, one staffer called the news "devastating to the newsroom."

We are still investigating the details, and will post more information as it becomes available.

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Karen said...

We'll miss you, Sam. You're a great friend and reporter who took on a lot because you didn't want communities to lose coverage. The P-T is missing someone who truly loved the job.