Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Celebrating ‘Jamie’

Yesterday family, friends, coworkers and a few who never had the pleasure of knowing James personally, came together in celebration of James Melroy's life and time. They shared in the laughter and tears of the often funny, at times very emotional, tributes to the man James was and the great inspiration his memory will forever be to those whose lives he touched.

In closing, long-time family friend Steve Everett suggested that James would have wanted us to remember these four important things: Put God first, never let a day go by without telling family and friends how much they are loved, put others before yourself and finally, be sure to laugh. Often.

Amen. Rest in peace James. (Chris Ledermuller photo)


Kris Hanson said...

Andres Cardenas did a great job coordinating the memorial and arranging for several people to speak - in often moving measures - before the more than 100 people in attendance. My hat's off to you, man. You did an excellent thing and I know his family and friends appreciated it. Touching to say the least.

Kris said...

And thanks to Matt, Ben, Fausto, Steve C., Joe H., Steve, coach, mom and all the others I'm forgetting to mention right now for a terrific tribute to James. We're gonna miss ya around the newsroom...